Piano lessons - Often the choice for beginning music students because of the ease of visibility, piano lessons are the perfect choice for early learners or adults. Lessons include note reading, theory, technique. 

Guitar lessons - If you find yourself playing air guitar when you hear your favorite song on the radio, then the guitar is for you! Learn how to play acoustic or electric guitar. Lessons include reading by tablature and note reading, scales, sweeps, improvising, and soloing

Bass lessons - Lesrn how to hold the low end down with groovy bass lines. Lessons include learning your fretboard, grooves and slapping, among other techniques. 

Ukulele lessons The happiest of all instruments, this may be a good choice for younger students. Learn chords, finger style playing and strumming for sing-a-longs

Vocal lessons - Proper breathing technique is essential for vocal health. Learn how to be comfortable singing in front of others. Lessons include vocal and performance technique.

Drum lessons - the heartbeat of the band holds the rhythm down. Learn drum rudiments, proper stick technique, drum grooves to play along to your favorite songs.